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    6.0mHeat Coke Oven

    Introduction to ZHJL6060R heat balance coke oven of Beijing Zhongliansheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.


    I. The current metallurgical equipment level and process route together determine that coke will still be the indispensible raw material of the steel industry for a long time to come. The current coke oven technical route in the world are the heat recovery coke oven represented by the U.S. and Australia, and the chemical products recovery coke oven represented by Germany, Ukraine, Japan, China, etc. During the coking production process of the chemical recovery coke oven, the spilled oil vapor mixture is piped out of the oven, and the materials contained within the coal gas are separated item by item through physical and chemical methods such as cooling, standing and absorption. This process produces tar and crude benzene products, part of the coal gas is used to heat the coke oven, and the rest of the gas is used to produce methanol, LNG, paraffin and other chemical products, so that the chemicals produced in the coking production process are effectively recycled. Due to the extensive development of global oil and gas industry and the adjustments of American energy policies in recent years, the international crude oil price has been hovering between 50-60 U.S. dollars / barrel for a long time. The price of chemical products has also been limited. Meanwhile, the ultra-low emission requirements of China's environmental protection department are increasingly lowering the economic benefit of chemical products produced by recycled coke ovens, thus reducing the profit margin.


    Heat recovery coke oven, on the other hand, burn all the mixed gas produced in the coking production process within the furnace. Part of the heat generated is to keep coke oven production, the rest of the heat is piped out of the oven through flue pipes, and heat exchangers are installed in the flue pipes to absorb the afterheat to generate power. Heat recovery coke oven also has many advantages in several aspects such as clean discharge and safe production. Through data analysis and profit evaluation of chemical recovery coke oven and heat recovery coke oven, Beijing Zhongliansheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. has concluded that the return on investment of heat recovery coke oven is 8% higher than that of chemical recovery coke oven. Meanwhile, it is more environmentally friendly, the investment cost is lower, and the investment per ton of coke is reduced by about 100 yuan.


    II. After investigation, research, analysis of comparison of existing heat recovery coke oven technologies in China and abroad, Zhongliansheng Chemical Engineering keeps innovating and has developed ZHJL6060R heat balance coke oven. The company has drawn lessons from the combustion principles of heat recovery oven, and has improved the heat balance distribution and heat transfer mode in the process of coke oven heat supply. At the same time, the company uses the mature coke oven machinery and environmental protection supporting equipment of chemical recovery coke oven, so as to develop a new environmentally friendly heat balance coke oven with independent intellectual property rights. Compared with heat recovery coke oven, this type of oven has the following obvious advantages and strengths, and is worth the wait.


    1. In the coking production process, there is no burning loss of the raw materials of coal, which realizes the reasonable distribution of heat and improves the thermal efficiency of coke oven.


    2. Compared with heat recovery coke oven, heat balance coke oven occupies much smaller space. Compared with heat recovery oven, a heat balance oven with an annual output of 2 million tons can save about 50% of land, increasing land utilization.


    3. Heat balance coke oven optimizes the way of the heat transfer and supply of furnace air, realizes accurate and intelligent control of gas quantity, and improves heat engineering management of heat balance coke oven.


    4. Heat balance coke oven can easily support mature technology of CDQ and ground dedusting station.


    III. ZHJL6060R heat balance coke oven developed by Zhongliansheng Chemical Engineering is a new energy and environmentally friendly coke oven that conforms to the national policies of the coke industry. Based on existing ovens operating in China and abroad, this type of oven has optimized the combustion system and exhaust gas guide system.


    The main parameters of the coke oven are as follows:


    The characteristics of ZHJL6060R heat balance coke oven developed by our company are as follows:


    1. By using the dust removal technology of coaling, coke discharging and quenching of the mature stamp charging coke oven, the problems of dust control of coaling and coke discharging as well as the heat utilization of red coke are effectively solved.


    2. The coal gas produced in a single carbonization chamber during the peak period can be used for heating multiple adjacent combustion chambers to achieve a reasonable heat balance in the coke oven production process.


    3. The coaling and coke pushing of the coke oven is 2-1 series sequence, ensuring the uniformity of coke oven longitudinal heating. By supplying air in sections, the coal cakes are evenly heated in vertical direction. The heating and adjusting of the coke oven are automatically controlled, making the air supply of each vertical flue match the coal gas produced in unit time to ensure the complete combustion of coke oven gas in the furnace body.


    4. The air preheating channel is set at the bottom of the coke oven. The hot air is extracted from the channel at the bottom into the combustion chamber so as to lower the temperature of the top plate of the coke oven, reducing high temperature accidents and recovering the heat.


    5. Compared with heat recovery oven, there is no burning loss when coking, and the coking time can be reduced to 45 hours. The coke oven has high thermal efficiency, which can produce high quality metallurgical coke and foundry coke.


    6. The furnace door adopts double sealing structure to reduce the air leakage into the carbonization chamber and the burning loss of coke.


    7. Compared with heat recovery coke oven, this coven covers smaller space, and the investment can be saved about 10%. After recovering all the exhaust heat, the power generation per ton of coke reaches 1,100-1,200 KWH.


    IV. Prospect

    Data shows that ZHJL6060R coke oven has not only obvious economic benefits, but also significant environmental and social benefits, which will surely be recognized and approved by the people of insight in the industry. With the progress of society, coke oven in the future will achieve the optimization of the whole process benefits, and the heat balance coke oven will show the comprehensive benefits of the whole process, thus bringing obvious competitive advantages to our clients. Beijing Zhongliansheng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., adheres to the philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation, harmony and win-win, green development", is willing to cooperate with elites in the coking industry to jointly promote the development and progress of coking technology.



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